FD 8652CC Auto oiler office shredder

Formax FD-8652
Formax FD-8652 self oiling shredder

The Formax FD 8652CC AutoOiler Office Shredder features an automatic oiler that oils the cutting blades periodically for optimal performance.

The FD 8652CC is an office size shredder with industrial strength, and shreds up to 32 sheets at one time at speeds up to 33 feet per minute. The extra wide feed opening handles documents up to 16” wide and the large waste bin holds up to 53 gallons. These specifications make it an ideal centralized office shredder. In addition, the ECO Mode saves energy by automatically switching into standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.
Commercial-grade features include an easy-to-use LED control panel with load indicator, heat-treated steel blades, a steel cabinet, lifetime guaranteed waste bin, and a powerful AC geared-motor ensuring years of reliable performance and information security in your
office environment.
  • Internal AutoOiler:Automatically oils the cutting blades periodically, as needed, to maintain optimal performance
  • Auto Start/Auto Stop: Optical sensor detects paper and starts operation automatically
  • LED Control Panel with Load Indicator: Provides machine status and helps operators avoid jams
  • ECO Mode: Automatically enters energy-saving standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Door Safety Sensor: Motor stops automatically if cabinet door is opened
  • Auto Reverse: In case of paper jam, built-in controls switch motor into reverse to clear jam
  • Heat-treated Steel Cutting Blades: Specially ground for longevity and require minimal oil
  • High Quality Geared Motor: Powerful, efficient AC geared-motor with heavy duty steel gears for high performance, minimal noise and continuous operation
  • All-Metal Cabinet with casters
  • Auto Sensor: Motor stops automatically when waste bin is full
  • Lifetime Guaranteed Heavy-Duty Waste Bin
  • Auto Cleaning: Press reverse button for 5 seconds and motor will run in reverse for 1 minute
  • Self-Diagnosis System: Records a variety of information for use by service technicians
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Safety Circuit Breaker: Ensures safe operation