NYC provides electronic document management systems to small, medium and large companies in many vertical industries. Our solutions are scalable and are designed to reduce costs by automating tasks related to managing the complete lifecycle of content, information and documentation. NYC Document Management Systems include:
– complete workflow integration
– capture
– imaging
– routing
– storage
– retrieval

Being efficient is a never-ending process. Companies are always striving to increase efficiency in operations while minimizing process defects and improving overall performance. In addition to the environmental benefits and cost reductions associated with moving to a paperless environment, going paperless decreases the time involved in nearly every aspect of traditional document processing.
Confidentiality, security and availability when needed are the three tenets of information protection driving the need for a document management system.

A document management system should also improve and protect access to information, comply with government regulations and improve operational efficiency. All document management systems are not created equal, so you’ll want to be discerning when determining the right one for your company. When chosen correctly, a sound document management system will ease continuity and disaster-recovery planning efforts, and help your business maintain regulatory compliance and avoid legal entanglements or penalties.