IPRO Copy+

IPRO Copy+ transforms the sophistication of document imaging, Bates labeling, OCR and paper production into a single step, single button operation. The same skills needed to photocopy a document now produce a complete image, text and runtime database system along with the paper copy.

Using IPRO Copy+, you are able to rescan, rotate, renumber, deskew and despeckle pages prior to printing, reducing costly rework. Universal deliverables, whether searchable and/or bookmarked PDF images, TIFF images, litigation database load files, box index reports, or a complete database with a runtime version of Eclipse SE Publish are all available for quick and efficient export.

IPRO Copy+ provides paper copies of documents plus electronic versions, which can be stored on a CD, DVD, flash drive, or disk file for portability and convenience. The electronic versions can be viewed using Eclipse SE Publish, which is included with each export free of charge. Electronic documents can be searched, annotated, tagged, and quickly reprinted while preserving all binding element information.