MaxxVault Document Management

MaxxDocs | MaxxCloud | MaxxVault Enterprise MaxxVault document management software keeps your documents in a central, secure repository that is accessible anywhere. Web access ensures that you can collaborate using the most recent, up-to-date version of the document. There is no need to comb through files, folders or e-mail attachments. A quick index or full-text search delivers the document along with all prior versions of the document. And if it is needed, the entire history of the document is kept, including all previous versions of a document. Best of all, MaxxVault is able to manage all of this without the need for tedious check-out and check-in procedures. Users with editing privileges will be able to launch their documents in the native software application, make the necessary changes and then store them automatically back into MaxxVault as a new version.

Manage the creation, revision, approval, processing and consumption of documents more efficiently. MaxxVault benefits include:

• a simplified document review process
• a centralized Document Repository
• improved document quality controls
• document content management
• content approval and publishing features
• an enhanced document audit history