Nuance Copitrak

Nuance Copitrak provides true enterprise-wide cost recovery and expense management. At the core of the suite of solutions, Copitrak System Software (CSS) uses industry standards such as SQL and Crystal Reports to offer complete and open functionality in the work environment.

Realization of revenues from billable expenses is the hallmark of all Copitrak products. CSS is the central server controlling all Copitrak data capture and management modules. From user and account validation and distribution, transaction collection and costing, to reporting and exporting, CSS takes the experience of three generations of Copitrak server products. Plus, it adds the flexibility of modern industry standard open systems to offer a true state-of-the-art solution to meet the needs of the most challenging of today’s office environments.

Nuance Copitrak can help you:
• Improve ability to track and recover costs
• Reduce costs and your total cost of ownership
• Increase productivity