Phoenix Audio Stingray (MT700) Distributed Array Mixer

The MT700 – Stingray Distributed Array Mixer from Phoenix Audio Technologies is an all-in-one smart mixer that responds to rapidly evolving communication trends, conference environments, and connectivity technologies. Used on its own or in tandem with video, the MT700 – Stingray Mixer offers a simple solution to the complex requirements of today’s professional conferencing spaces.

On the inside, an audio component can be complicated but on the outside, it has to be easy to use. At Phoenix Audio Technologies we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality audio solutions that require no specialized training or certification to use or deploy. The MT700 – Stingray Mixer’s flexible design and proprietary, distributed array technology make it an ideal solution for anyone in any conference room setting.

    • The Stingray MT700 is an ideal solution for:
    • Small to very large conference rooms
      Classrooms and training rooms
      Courtrooms and depositions

Daisy Chaining

Dual Connectivity


Direction Finding