Built on the philosophy that technology can improve education, Samsung School brings together a suite of Samsung products and software to build a connected learning environment that empowers teachers and inspires students through classroom technology. The full suite includes select Samsung Galaxy tablets for the teacher and each student, an interactive whiteboard and a wireless multifunction printer. Tying it all together is the Samsung School software, which provides a learning management system along with powerful interactive tools.

To enhance student learning and provide individual help more quickly, educators can remotely monitor students’ progress and activities. Students’ screens can be shared on large display devices for improved class participation and easier delivery of student presentations.

Teachers can remotely lock students’ applications, screens and input functionality. This capability improves learning by enabling teachers to keep students focused on assignments and maintain better control of the classroom. With Screen Sharing, teachers and students can share content with each other, providing dynamic interaction among all participants in the class. Up to six participants can simultaneously write on the screen. This real-time collaboration on lesson materials can help students take an active part in discussions for a more collaborative learning experience.

Teachers can easily design and administer creative quizzes and polls via simple templates to better engage students, and quickly assess how well the class comprehends materials to help optimize future lessons according to learning needs.