Zoom Rooms

Revolutionize your conference room with Zoom Rooms and help unleash your team’s creativity and collaboration with these amazing large interactive displays and features. You can easily set up your conference room with 1, 2, or 3 standard displays, or you can use a large interactive display with Zoom Rooms to help your teams brainstorm with dispersed members in a natural way. Touch Screens are perfect huddle room solutions for sharing ideas and collaborating on content with co-annotation and face-to-face video.

  • HD Video and Audio: Put high quality video, audio and web conferencing in any sized room
  • Meet With Anyone: Include remote participants on desktop, mobile or other conference room systems
  • One-Touch to Start Meeting: Start an instant meeting or integrate with your calendaring system for scheduled meetings
  • Wireless Sharing: Cut the chords, cables and dongles — present content wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device
  • Overview Status and Management: Centralized management of your conference rooms
  • Interoperability with H.323/SIP: Communicate with any legacy endpoint, including Polycom, Cisco and Lifesize